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Website Marketing And SEO 

As mentioned in “Product vs Promotion in Marketing,” the content of your website should be focused on your company and its products and service. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that advertising is without a place in Internet Marketing. Advertising your website falls into two categories: cross site marketing and search engine marketing.

Cross Site Marketing

This type of advertising is the closest relative to commercials and print ads. It includes placing a small ad on other websites that link to your website. The content of these ads can be anything from a simple link to a colorful animated flash movie. Some busy sites on the Internet will sell space right on their home page that you can buy directly. In other cases we work with services that will place your ad on sites that have a subject matter that’s relevant to your product or service.

Search Engine Marketing

Advertising is about gaining the attention of a perspective buyer. Entertaining commercials or flashy billboards try to capture their audience before they get up for a snack or drive right by. Things are different when you’re talking about a search engine like GoogleTM, MSNTM, or YahooTM. In this case your potential visitor is actively trying to find a website just like yours. The question is how do you get that visitor to come to your site instead of going to one of the thousands of other links that the search engine has returned to them. The answer is easy – show up at the top of the list!

Getting to the top of a search engine listing is easier said than done. Accounts have to be created, addresses have to be registered, links have to be specialty placed, and content has to be tweaked and optimized. But the rewards can be well worth it. We have helped sites multiply their traffic and revenues by factors as high as 100. The next success story might be yours, but only if you give us a chance.

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