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Steps For Success 

The Internet and the related technologies of the Web offer opportunities to businesses that simply did not exist a decade ago. Taking advantage of those opportunities can seem like a complicated task. Some marketing-based web developers will tell you that your web site should be animated and highly interactive. ERP providers would like you to believe that you need to spend millions of dollars on internal software. While these ideas can be true for some, most companies will see a better return from Everyware’s simple system for developing a web enabled business. This system is a four step process:

  • Building a “Website that Works”
  • Marketing and Optimizing your Website
  • Enabling a Business Portal
  • Creating Business Efficiency with Custom Solutions

Building a “Website that Works”

Everyware has a no-nonsense way of building and designing a clean and effective website that is guaranteed to be completely indexed by major search engines.

Marketing your Website

Once your site is up and running we work with you to balance cross site marketing with search engine marketing in order to drive customers to your site.

Enabling a Business Portal

Your website delivers your message and information to your prospective and current customers, but what about your employees? Is information shared freely throughout your business? Do your employees have an easy and efficient way of sharing information with your customers? If not, you need a business portal.

Streamlining your Business with Custom Software

Nobody knows your business better than you. So it makes sense if you decide how the software runs your business instead of letting the software decide how you run your business. Software developed specifically for your business allows you to address specific problems in your business and let it scale up.

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