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Business Efficiencies Via Custom Software 

Nearly every business is able to use some of the value of a computer. Word processing, spreadsheets, email, and the Internet all make everyday business operations just a little bit easier. But why stop there? We can make software tailored specifically to the operations of your business and offer you efficiency or analysis that will give your business the edge.

Identifying the Need for Custom Software

You may not realize it but your business may already need custom software. Over time, the normal operating procedures of your business have probably become increasingly complex. You may benefit from custom software if you can identify the following:

  • Step by step procedures for moving or approving documents.
  • Spread sheets that are used to calculate estimates, costs, production numbers, etc.
  • Systems for recording and storing data such as maintenance or calibration logs.
  • Warehousing or inventory control.
  • A need to predict or trend data based on production, sales, etc.

The Value of Custom Software

There are many great off-the-shelf software packages today. Office productivity, graphics, and financial software can be applied to nearly every business But what about packages that are made to address a problem specific to your type business? Chances are that you take pride in what makes your business different than your competitor. But if that’s the case what are the chances that a piece of software can apply to you both just because you can be lumped into the same industry? The fact is, that piece of software is probably too generic to provide value to you without creating more problems.

Plus, custom software development isn’t expensive when you consider the alternatives. How many man hours do you spend every year with your current practices? What do you pay for a human error? How much did you pay for a building full expensive equipment that doesn’t get used to it’s potential? In most cases custom software can pay for itself in a matter of months but can work for a decade without any further investment from you.

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